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Tongue SMS
If Peter Piper Picked A

Tounge Twister
"If Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickeld Peppers,How Many Pickled Peppers Did Peter Piper Pick?
Its A Challenge Read It Faster

Are You

Are You Fluent In English .?

Read It Fast . . .

Upper Roller Lower Roller
Roller Lower Roller Upper.

Dare To Read It

Dare To Read It .. I Bet You Will Mistake !

Esau Wood Sawed Wood. Esau Wood Would Saw Wood. All The Wood Esau Wood Saw, Esau Wood Would Saw. In Other Words, All The Wood Esau Saw To Saw, Esau Sought To Saw. Oh, The Wood Wood Would Saw! And, Oh The Wood-Saw With Which Wood Would Saw Wood! But One Day, Wood?S Wood-Saw Would Saw No Wood, And Thus The Wood Wood Sawed Was Not The Wood Wood Would Saw If Wood?S Wood-Saw Would Saw Wood. Now, Wood Would Saw Wood With A Wood-Saw That Would Saw Wood, So Esau Sought A Saw That Would Saw Wood. One Day, Esau Saw A Saw Saw Wood As No Other Wood-Saw Wood Saw Would Saw Wood. In Fact, Of All The Wood-Saws Wood Ever Saw Saw Wood, Wood Never Saw A Wood-Saw That Would Saw Wood As The Wood-Saw Wood Saw Saw Wood Would Saw Wood, And I Never Saw A Wood-Saw That Would Saw As The Wood-Saw Wood Saw Would Saw Until I Saw Esau Wood Saw Wood With The Wood-Saw Wood Saw Saw Wood. Now Wood Saws Wood With The Wood-Saw Wood Saw Saw Wood.

Worlds Most Difficult Tongue Twister

This Has Been Declared

As D Worlds Most Difficult

Tongue Twister: "The Sixth Sick Sheikhs Sixth Sheep Is Sick"

Try It.

GOod NighT

Sms Ko Sms Se Sms Me Us Sms Ko Milaya

Sms Ko Sms Se Sms Me Us Sms Ko Milaya

Sms Ko Sms Ne Sms Ko Us Ne Sms Ko Bataha

To Sms Ki Sms Jis Sms Ko Dikhaya

Ab Bata Apne Sms Ko Sms Ne Sms Me Kya Dikha.

See And Saw

There Were 2 Friends?
See And Saw
0ne Day See Saw Sea
Saw Didnt See Sea
See Saw Sea And Jumped In Sea
Saw Didnt See Sea
Jumped In Sea
See Saw Saw In Sea And Saw Saw See In Sea
See Saw Both Saw Sea
And Both,
Saw And See
Were Happy To See Sea?

Isay Kehte Hain Dimagh Ki EXERCISE??.;-≫

A Confusion Has Confused My Mind

A Confusion Has Confused My Mind Which Is Already Confuse With Some Confusion.I Dont Know Y This Confusion Had Confused My Confused Mind.If My Confusion Had Confuse Ur Mind Then Try To Get Solution 4 My Confusion 2 Rectify My Confused Mind.If My Confused Msg Did?Nt Confuse U Then B Happy Thinking That A Confused Msg Did?Nt Confused U Which Really Confused Me?.Any Confusion In This Msg? Contact Me Without Any Confusion.
Doctor Doctors

If One Doctor Doctors Another Doctor Does The Doctor Who

Doctors The Doctor Doctor The Doctor The Way The Doctor He Is

Doctoring Doctors? Or Does The Doctor Doctor The Way The

Doctor Who Doctors Doctors?

"When A Doctor Falls Ill Another Doctor Doctor's The Doctor.

Does The Doctor Doctoring The Doctor Doctor The Doctor In His

Own Way Or Does The Doctor Doctoring The Doctor Doctors The

Doctor In The Doctor's Way"

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