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Most every retailer is selling some sort of reusable bag in an effort to capitalize on the green movement—but the vast majority are made of a cheap felt-like kelly green fabric with the store's logo silk
screened on it. Other online retailers are selling more attractive versions, but for a pretty penny. I was so excited when I found a local designer named Linda from Kent who "up-cycles" old tanks and tees into adorable (and affordable) reusable shopping bags and sells them in her online Etsy.com store Fashion Green T Bags.

They bags are made with triple-layer seamed openings and 2 double-stitch seams at the bottom, or in layman's terms: these bags ultra-durable! Tanks are "as is" on the top but double seamed at the bottom. There are decoratively-stitched wristlets too, for storing your bags so they're readily available when you need them.

The adorable bag Linda sent me was an up-cycled Express tank top and stood out with its coral and white stripes among my blah green re-bags. I'll be ordering more soon with the multi-bag discount available on the site! Amongst her selection of bags are all the Cleveland pro-sports teams. She also makes handcrafted laptop sleeves, phone cozies, dog collars, purses and digni-bibs—shirts that have been converted to function as a fashionable, removable protective cover-up for the elderly and adults with special needs.

About the Designer

Linda isn't just trying to make a quick buck on the heels of the green movement, she's been passionate about practicing ecologically friendly living for over 20 years. She says, "Each day I try to learn a new way to have a lesser negative environmental impact."

Linda is a fabulous 50 year-old mother of 2—her daughter, a Kent State honors student is 21, and her 19 year old son will be in the honors program at the University of Akron this fall. She's "insanely happily married" and owns 2 non-allergenic toy poodles.

Girls Can't Have Enough Bags!

Your shoes and your bag are the finishing touches to any outfit for any occasion.

Today's bags make a statement about you and who you are.

View our collection of designer inspired bags

I'm not a plastic bag canvas shopper

Do your bit to save the planet.
Sick of taking plastic to the store? Steal this style for you and the planet. These simple all canvas shoppers measure 14" tall by 15" wide and 6" deep. Perfect for a trip to the store with attitude. The cool rope straps are perfect for over the shoulder.

Designer Bags: An Overview

In today's world, no outfits are perfect without a fashion designer handbag. They come in assorted sizes, forms and styles to fit diverse occasions. Today, it's the most essential thing for women to carry a good fashionable purse with her not just en route to the grocery store, but likewise to parties and to their work places. They're really chic and are time and again capable of making an astounding impression in other's psyche. Even if you are well dressed for the day or parties, without the original handbag, you sense that you're really lacking 'the cherry on top'.

For a woman, it wouldn't be wrong to say that they're the dearest friends and may possess equal importance as shoes. They may personify a unique style, personal identity, mood and status.

Although it's not an item that you wear upon the body like skirts and jeans, the contours and styles of handbags may make you appear captivating or unappealing. A few of you would disagree with the argument, but bags can help you to impart or diminish the weight that you appear to carry.

A lot of handbags may be fairly pricey, but worthy of every penny. A superior quality pocketbook will defy the test of time. The more distinguished bags are produced and fashioned in leather. There are so many distinguishable types of leather bags on the market and each of them bears its own distinguishing characteristics. These include rawhide, alligator, ostrich, lamb etc. The lifespan of the bags is conditional on the style in which they're processed, worked and cared for. It is crucial that the quality of leather that is used to produce these handbags represents superior quality.

You have to keep a few considerations in your mind, whenever you are going to purchase a designer handbag. Foremost, you need to consider the cost factor. Dividers or the subdivisions of the bag are likewise a practical consideration. And a lot hinges upon the things you are going to pack inside the bag. Some might like a few compartments; some may like a lot, some like big bags while some prefer small and compact ones.

It is therefore essential to recognise your requirements before you actually buy a bag. Recognise what you are searching for as well as keep your budget in your mind. Whenever you would like to buy more of handbags, be sure that each of them ought be unique and should be able to fulfill your needs. Fashion designer handbags can be effective to meet a lot of the really important factors like versatility, durability, functionality and nonetheless fashionable and cool.









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