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Family, friends, neighbors. Everyone except the pastor, priest, Rabi. Oh sure a nightly newscast from Walter Cronkite used to get picked up by TV rabbit ears as every crowded around the black and white set with the candy dish on top.

Or the local paper might hint at what was going on around the other side of the world.

But for the most part your news was live and local. Not filled with crime, reminding you of a bean supper here. The garage sale there.

Or local sporting event tap off time this Friday night at the local gym. What's showing for double features at the drive in theatre.

Local news. From a neighbor, the guy at the diner.

Your hair twister, barber where each appointment you got a load of the good stuff, something juicy with a little drama spun in to it. Added to from the he said, she said local grapevine where folks get purple ears straining to hear for retelling, respinning.

When you blog post do you speak with your indoor voice for your zip codes you list, market or what the heck, use your outside voice to describe the national market based only on the ones where you live and "practice"?

Sometimes like a King or President that says something off the record to an aide that suddenly gets broadcast with a mic that was left open.

By mistake or heard loud and clear on a high powered directional microphone. The kind that can pick up a pin dropping with precision accuracy. Open mouth, insert foot happens. What you said privately you thought or local is now national, world wide news. And not accurate and causing confusion.

If the real estate market in California, Michigan or Florida is a little lack luster in places, when an agent, broker in that area amplifies it along with the media to make sure the world knows, maybe that kind of market is not the way it is in a rural state. Where property prices don't spike way up and down. Wherelarge soap bubble aftermath clean up from a busted market balloon exploding is not needed. Where folks live pretty much like always prepared for a recession all the time. Saving, living below their means.

Yes frugal. Square, not too impressive or too Waltonese?

Growing your own food, burning wood from your own land. Being more self sufficient, less money dependent. Maine is famous for taking money right out of the equation. Hobby farming in Maine on the increase too. Farmer's markets up from 80 in 2008 to 104 this year. The USDA says more than 5000 farmer's markets operate today. Up from 2800 in the year 2000.

High on the hog living not the way the rural state's roll.

Property is quickly paid of. With small price tags on the listing to begin with. And debt resisted at all costs. Having too much of it thought of as poverty because of the way it robs, can paralyze the household budget. And cause loss of sleep nights. Maine is a state that is 46th lowest for foreclosure, short sale, repossession (FSSR).

So when you get asked by a local how is the real estate market and you tell them you had one of your best years of 31 last year, some can scratch their head. Think but everything I read and hear on the news is how bad, awful, end of the world it is. Maybe parts of the country are that way but like most things, one size does not fit all.

And a catchy audio sound bite, 20 sec video clip story only makes a comic book out of a serious more in depth, deeper subject.

So when you blog, make sure if you go on a rampage about how terrible your local market is do it in an private email not public forum. When it is on line, out in the daylight and you put air to it, the blog post can really bring others in to the same level of depression. Sometimes misinformation other reading apply to their market where your weather forecast does not match what is going on outside windows in this gps coordinate. And it's not a great on line public relations move either. What is good in your market, is moving, is scarce and would sell? Blog about it from another direction, viewpoint that is positive.

Make sure to put your town, state on the real estate market report too. Not just say real estate and launch in to the world, country in general viewpoint from your limited local turf perspective . And when you live in a big state, if you look at what happens in more expensive urban, suburban areas of it realize the higher the price, the thinner the buyers. The expensive properties are going to fetch up, hit a sandbar. The small little skiffs andtalking head little kayak smaller markets will sail down that property river slick as spit. Goliath vs David is what the real estate marquis says.

Smaller, lower cost all the way around areas can look even more attractive when the going get tough in other places.

And also when you blog about house house homereal estate markets exist. Flourish where land is 10% and more on the increase in price, in demand. Is moving super. You don't hear as much on line about this quite the attractive investment. Waterfront recreational markets are always hot and never in enough supply too.

There are many other types of real estate markets and your blog post does not speak for the nation. It may be like old long distance phone calls where you had to pull the tin can string tighter, holler to be heard. But now with digital and more power, your message right or wrong can carry way way further. Like being in a boat on the water where sound really carries. When you holler over the engine. Everyone on shore can hear you perfectly as one by one your tell your passenger what you do or don't like about this camper, that cottage owner. Shooting yourself in both feet makes it hard to walk. Painful to blog.











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